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Experience in:

PT.K AP under take sitac through of Indonesia island.
Search area and marking using GPS base on center point or candidate.
Land lease price negotiation.
Socialization and communicate with locals community for project purpose.
Under take work permit and residence permit also for government permit.

Civil Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Structure and strengthening tower
Turnkey project for tower construction
Media gate way infra structure
Support camouflage design tower
HILTI Applicator
Fiber Optic Implementation
Air conditioning Installation
ACPDB and DCPDB Installation
Civil Construction

Installation BSS ,Radio and Commissioning

Support for Installation and commissioning BSS also Radio.
Support for swap and re homing.
IP protocols a lineament.
Measurement VSWR
Test call after interconnection.
Drive test Measurement before and after installation



PT. Kartika Asri Prima


Office :

Jl. Surya Sumantri Kav. 4B
Bandung 40152
Phone office + 62 22 2003990
Fax +62 22 2004806
Email info@ptkap.co.id